Benefits of Divorce Mediation

In lieu of the traditional divorce process that can be protracted, painful, and costly, more couples are opting for divorce mediation instead. Rather than hiring two attorneys, the divorcing couple hires one mediator who will help them come to a settlement regarding their belongings, monetary assets, property, and, if present, their children.

Mediators are not only a more cost-effective solution to divorce proceedings, but also minimize the emotional toll that the separation process can induce on both parties. Just the fact that couple will, on average, save 40 to 60% off the standard cost of filing for a divorce can account for lower stress levels.

Children also fare better during divorce mediation as well, as the parents remain in control of a cooperative plan for parenting. Their children's needs and desires can be discussed during the mediation and resolved through mutual avenues, rather than relying on a judge's ruling.

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