Obtaining Temporary or Permanent Alimony

If you are considering alimony as part of your divorce proceedings, you need to be aware of the alimony laws in your state.

To start, you must know that alimony is not a definite in every divorce case. A judge will review a variety of factors to determine whether one party will be awarded permanent or temporary alimony. These include, but are not limited to:

Length of marriage: The longer the marriage lasted, the more likely that alimony will be awarded. Shorter marriages are generally not awarded alimony.

Work capability: The judge will examine whether both parties are able to work, specifically the party that is asking for alimony. If one person has not been working for several years and relied on the other spouse for support, alimony is more likely to be awarded.

Age: Someone who is older and has been in a long-term marriage is more likely to be awarded alimony. Younger parties are less likely to be successful in asking for alimony.

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