Tips for a Successful Prenuptial Agreement

If you are planning on signing a prenuptial agreement, there are some tips for making it successful.

First, do it well in advance of the wedding. According to family law attorney Sussman, six months to a year prior is an ideal time to sign your prenup. This makes last-minute revisions to the agreement hard to enforce.

Secondly, try not to get entangled in the emotional aspect of getting married and falling in love. This must be separated from the legal aspects of the prenup. If you need an excuse to talk about money, use your taxes. You need to find a way to discuss your finances, and your returns can be a way to start that.

When working on your agreement, be as reasonable as possible. Do not use fault clauses and be upfront about your goals. The end goal is to provide a clear picture of what each party will get if a divorce should happen. And finally, check with your state laws regarding marriage and property.

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