The Different Types of Spousal Support

When you are considering spousal support, it is important to understand the different types that are available by law.

The first type are fixed-term orders, wherein one spouse will pay the other spouse support for a fixed length of time. Once that time period has been reached the orders will be terminated. However, it is possible to have your term extended if you file a court order before the end of your current spousal support. In cases of longer marriages, however, the court is able to provide one spouse with indefinite spousal support as they see fit.

Spousal orders based on a contingency also have a fixed-end, in this case a certain contingency that has been brought to the attention of the court. Once that contingency has been met, the spousal support will cease. And finally, in cases where one spouse dies or remarries, spousal support as ordered by a court will end. This is true for all cases except those where the couple has agreed, in writing, ahead of time to maintain support even when death or remarriage occurs.

If you are still confused about spousal support, contact a Los Angeles family law attorney today to discuss your legal options.