Custody and Your Child's Best Interests

When a court is deciding on child custody arrangements for your child, the most important factor is determining what is in your child's best interest. Likewise, this should be the most important consideration for you as a parent.

Although you may feel that you should ask for child custody, there are circumstances in which it is not advisable. Do not ask for child custody if you cannot properly care for your child, if you believe that you could not devote time to the child, or if other circumstances make it inadvisable. You must think about the health, safety, comfort, happiness, and education of your child above your personal motives for obtaining child custody.

The court will always attempt to keep the child in the family home to maintain continuity. This will allow the child to remain in the same school, play with existing friends and participate in regular activities. Forcing your child to move to an entirely new location could be unnecessarily difficult for him/her. However, if there is abuse in the home then uprooting the child is necessary, even if it is difficult at first for the child.

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