Parenting Plan: Part of the Divorce Process

Getting a divorce is never easy; when children are involved, it can be that much harder on both people. Most family law judges now consider a parenting plan to be an important part of the divorce process.

A parenting plan outlines the most important parts of a child's life. This lets both parents have a say in how the child will spend holidays, education, extracurricular activities, religious activities and visitation rights. The court prefers when the two parents are able to work together to develop a parenting plan; however, it is not always possible for two divorcing people to sit down together at any point. That is why there are now mediators that work solely to help people develop parenting plans for their children.

In some cases the court will order the parents to sit with a mediator to develop a plan. If the mediator reports back to the judge that a settlement could not be reached, the judge will then be given the power to decide certain aspects of your child's life.

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