Divorce and Marital Settlement Agreements

If you are just started your divorce proceedings then you might not be familiar with the importance of a marital settlement agreement. Although each divorce situation is unique to the couple involved, most people will fall under the category of needing this agreement.

Those who are usually exempt from a marital settle agreement are those who have no joint debts, no children and no marital property. If that is the case then you are on good grounds for a no-fault divorce and it could be smooth sailing from here on out. However, many married couples do have one of the aforementioned items, making an agreement necessary to end the marriage.

In order to create boundaries in your relationship past the marriage stage, as well as give the court additional evidence about the specific day that you decide to get separated, a marital agreement settlement is necessary. It provides the details about the end of your marriage and why both parties are seeking divorce. This is in lieu of verbal understandings that can be both misinterpreted and not valid in court.

Depending on your state this agreement can make the divorce proceedings much easier. In California, for example, the court recognizes and appreciates this document, rewarding couples with a faster divorce hearing since you are showing that there is no contest to the divorce from either side.

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