Common Prenup Myths

If you are contemplating marriage and a prenuptial agreement, you are likely to have heard several myths about the process. Before you believe the rumors, here are a few of the more popular myths debunked:

A prenup means that you are betting on the eventual end of your marriage: you shouldn't think of a prenuptial agreement this way, but rather as a method to have a more peaceful divorce if that should happen. It can help reduce animosity as well as lawyer's fees in that case. Both sides will be forced to discuss their finances openly before the marriage, which is a healthy action to take.

Prenuptial agreements are just for rich people: while this may once have been true, prenups are useful for a variety of personal situations. Couples who have a business together, own real estate together, one spouse is giving up a career to raise children, or even if there are children from a previous relationship are all grounds for a prenup.

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