Sharing Child Custody

Do you want to ask for joint child custody now that your marriage is coming to an end? If so, you should be aware that there are several cons, as well as pros, when it comes to sharing custody.

On the positive side, joint custody can be ideal for people that plan on living near one another and those that have good relations with one another. Joint custody enables parents to share responsibilities and also allows both parents equal time with the child. This type of custody also gives the child an opportunity to spend equal time with both parents so he/she can further develop important parental relationships.

However, on the negative side, joint custody may mean that an ample amount of time is spent moving the child between both residences. Additionally, keeping a child at both homes can be more expensive since the child would need two sets of certain items.

Are you hoping to obtain joint child custody in California? If so, you'll want to contact a Los Angeles child custody attorney from our firm as soon as possible as custody proceedings can be tricky. By working with our Los Angeles family lawyers, you will have additional support as you fight for custody of your child.