Termination v. Dissolution - How to End Your Domestic Partnership

If you are in a registered domestic partnership, you can dissolve the partnership through the Superior Court. However, you may also qualify to terminate your domestic partnership with the Secretary of State. Here are the requirements to terminate your domestic partnership:

  1. You have not been registered domestic partners for more than five years
  2. Both parties want to terminate the domestic partnership
  3. No children were born to you either before or during the domestic partnership
  4. You did not adopt children during the domestic partnership
  5. Neither of you are pregnant
  6. Neither of you own any part of land or buildings
  7. Neither of you are renting land or buildings (exception for home you reside in)
  8. Your community obligations are not more than $6,000 (excluding auto loans)
  9. Your community property is worth less than $38,000 (excluding loans and vehicles)
  10. Neither of you has separate property more than $38,000 (excluding loans and vehicles)
  11. Neither party wants support from the other party
  12. You have agreed upon the division of your community property

If you believe you may qualify for termination of your domestic partnership, contact Claery & Hammond, LLP today for assistance with the paperwork. If you do not qualify, we can also assist you with filing the necessary paperwork to dissolve your domestic partnership with the court.