Helping Your Kids Understand Divorce

Are you are a parent of young children who is going through a tough divorce? If so, chances are you've noticed your children are having a hard time understanding the need for you and your spouse to get divorced. However, by using some special tactics, you may be able to help your child through the separation and end of your marriage or relationship. First, you will need to help your children accept the reality of the divorce by reiterating the normalcy of the action and reminding them that both you and your ex still love them very much. Sometimes kids and tend to think that divorce is rare, when in actuality most children today do not have a mom and a dad that live in the same household.

Also, as a nurturing parent, go above and beyond to make sure your children understand that they won’t be ripped away from their old life and their fun activities. Also, make sure that they know they are not the reason for your separation and for any differences you and you ex husband or ex wife may have post separation and post divorce. Your kids must understand that they had nothing to do with Mom and Dad’s thought out decision.

Make an effort to keep structure within the home if you are divorcing. Despite the fact that your relationship with your spouse is dissolving, you can keep other aspects of life concrete. This will provide comfort for your children. Minimize unnecessary additional changes in their lives if possible. If changes are necessary, handle them with care and in a thoughtful way. The goal is to make sure that the home environment is a place that functions as normal as possible aside from your split. Patience is key; don’t pressure or expect your children to immediately grow up because of the divorce and act or think like adults.

An end of a marriage does not mean children suddenly have to look at life through an artificially matured lens. Make an effort to let your kids be kids. Take them on fun play dates or allow them to have friends over and play with toys. The more you cater to their childhood the less the divorce may affect them psychologically. If you need a Los Angeles or San Diego divorce attorney for any reason, then Claery & Hammond are here for you. Talk to us anytime with any questions that you might have about this process.