Summary Dissolution: A Quick Divorce

Have you considered getting a divorce and want to have it done as quickly as possible? If so, you may have heard about uncontested divorces. While they can be completed much quicker than contested divorces, they are relatively rare since both parties must agree to all aspects of a divorce settlement. However, couples that are seeking uncontested divorces in California can request a "Summary Dissolution of a Marriage" which is designed to simplify the process. Keep in mind, there are certain qualifications that must be met by both parties. These requirements include:

  • Being married for five years or less
  • Cannot have any children from the marriage
  • Cannot be pregnant at the time of filing
  • Having no significant property together
  • Both parties want the divorce

Another thing to remember is that if you agree to sign a summary dissolution neither you nor your spouse can request spousal support. Do you have questions about California's divorce process or divorce laws? If so, contact Claery & Hammond today to get answers and advice from a Los Angeles family law attorney from our office. We will take the time to meet with you to address any concerns you may have before you file for divorce.