Who Pays the Attorney's Fees / Legal Fees and Court Filing Fees and Costs during a Divorce Case?

Are you currently going through a divorce? Have you wondered who will have to cover the costs of your legal fees (Attorney's fees, Lawyer's fees and Court costs)? If so, you should know that in the state of California, the spouse that makes more money may have to cover the legal costs involved. Generally, if the spouses filing for divorce do not earn around the same amount of money, the spouse that earns more has to pay for the lower-earning spouse's legal expenses. The court may try to level the playing field during a divorce case where two spouses have substantially different incomes, but this is not always that case. The judge will look for a disparity in the parties' incomes. In California, the same principle may apply to other family law actions as well.

Before the court will order that one spouse pay the other spouse's legal fees, it will review spousal support orders, how long the divorce proceedings have been going on, and the total legal expenses accumulated. After reviewing these factors, it will make a decision that it deems fair.

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