Claery & Hammond: Our Clients' Warrior Lawyers

Recently, a client was so happy with the family law services offered by an attorney on our team that the client spontaneously had t-shirts made (see photos). The shirts read "Claery & Hammond, LLPAKA Warrior Lawyers, Inc" and were presented by a client who felt that the lawyer that worked on his case was exceptional. In order to show gratitude and gratefulness for the hard work the attorney did, the client decided to offer this unique token of appreciation to the entire firm as well as Managing Attorney Eli Hammond, in particular.

At Claery & Hammond, we always go out of our way for our clients. Whether we are working on a divorce case or helping to resolve a child custody dispute, our clients can count on our team to remain dedicated. From the time we get involved, we serve as our clients' advocates and do everything we can to protect their best interests. If you are going through a family law matter in California and you want a "Warrior Lawyer" on your side, take the time to contact Claery & Hammond to set up your case evaluation with a Los Angeles family law attorney from our firm!