What is Parental Alienation?

When couples go through difficult divorces or their relationships end badly, the children are often caught in the middle. In such cases, custody is typically a highly complex and emotional issue, and sometimes one parent will try to turn the child against the other parent in an attempt to secure custody. These actions can have damaging impact upon a child, and they may develop a syndrome known as parental alienation.

Parental alienation often results from one parent constantly speaking poorly of the other parent in front of their child or directly to the child, in an effort to change the way they view their other parent. Some of the signs of parental alienation include:

  • Child begins calling you names
  • Child blames you exclusively for the ending of the relationship
  • Child seems to imitate the other parent and uses very mature phrases when talking about you
  • Child avoids you and is suddenly withdrawn without explanation
  • Child is antagonistic in their words and actions toward you
  • Child feels guilty if they show you any love or affection
  • Child is very protective of their other parent
  • Child shows no remorse after treating you cruelly
  • Child over-exaggerates situations or starts making wild accusations
  • Child withdraws from your relatives or suddenly claims to "hate" them

Are you a victim of parental alienation?

If you suspect your child is suffering from this damaging syndrome, do not hesitate to enlist an experienced family attorney for your case. Our seasoned firm understands how precious your relationship with your child is, and we can assist you in protecting this bond. If your child is showing symptoms of parental alienation syndrome we can bring your situation before the family court and fight to enforce your rights as a parent. Don't wait; contact Claery & Hammond, LLP today to retain the aggressive legal counsel you deserve!