Family Law Paralegal Aaron Escamilla, BA, CP, Cycles to Raise Awareness of HIV and AIDS

Claery & Hammond's Aaron Escamilla, BA, CP, Raising Awareness for a Cause he Believes in:

At Claery & Hammond, the attorneys, paralegals and support staff are concerned about helping others and enjoy giving back. That is why they have devoted their professional lives to aiding those who are going through difficulties with family law issues in Los Angeles. Many of the family law firm's team also dedicate time and efforts to help their communities. For example, one of the paralegals at Claery & Hammond, Aaron Escamilla, BA, CP, is giving his time and efforts to a cause that he believes in by committing his time and effort in order to raise money for those who may struggling with HIV and AIDS and enhance awareness of the need for help regarding an issue which effects everyone.

According to his page on the To Fight HIV website, Escamilla has committed to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles on his bicycle in order to raise money and awareness for those with HIV and AIDS. He will be cycling a total of 545 miles and will commit to finishing the trip in 7 days. Escamilla says that he will leave San Francisco on June 2nd, 2013 and aims to arrive in Los Angeles on June 8th, 2013.

Escamilla writes that he has known about the AIDS Lifecycle event for a number of years, but has never had the time to commit to the trip. Now, he will be embarking on his first Lifecycle journey along with others who are dedicated to raising awareness about HIV & AIDS and seeking donations for awareness and to help those that are affected by these illnesses.

Paralegal Escamilla is encouraging those who are also passionate about ending AIDS and HIV to donate to this cause so that he can help generate proceeds to raise awareness as well as help those who are suffering from these diseases. At Claery & Hammond, the Partners fully support Escamilla's decision and are enthusiastic of an opportunity for thousands to watch him as he bikes with the intention of terminating this global illness which absolutely affects the United States. If you would like to read more about Aaron Escamilla's cycling trip then click here to see his web page.

Escamilla's inspirational efforts for this important cause have been featured by Yahoo! News and Digital Journal, among others.

Aaron Escamilla, BA, CP: