Update: Day Two of The Supreme Court Gay Marriage Discussions

After two days of reviews, the Supreme Court has not yet indicated a serious stance for or against gay marriage in their cases regarding Proposition 8 in California and the DOMA which defines marriage federally as between a man and a woman. In the Proposition 8 case, news sources are starting to assume that the Supreme Court is going to leave the case up to the state governments in California. Since the two gay rights cases went the Supreme Court, polls have shown that now the majority of Americans support gay marriage (53 %.)

Despite the overwhelming amount of support from the public, justices have been slow in talking about equality and morality in their discussions. In fact, when discussing the DOMA case the court has spent most of their time discussing state responsibilities and whether or not the states have the right to repeal parts of the DOMA. An analysis of the current situation in the Supreme Court by USA Today reports that there may be incremental process for the gay rights movement, but it looks like there will not be any monumental decisions made in the next few days. Instead, the way that the cases were presented, argued, and decided will probably leave many gay rights activists with questions and frustrations.

The court case has led to in-depth discussions of the government's jurisdiction, but has not necessarily discussed the morals of gay marriage and whether or not it should be federally legalized as based on the Civil Rights Act. Because of this, many supporters are rallying to cry for more definitive answers from the court. Continue checking back to our blog for more information on this very important and historical discussion in the Supreme Court. If you have any questions about homosexual marriage in the United States then you need to discuss these concerns with a Los Angeles family attorney at Claery & Hammond immediately.