Choosing Hobbies for the Child as Co-Parents

When two ex-spouses are co-parenting, it can be difficult to decide on activities that the child will be involved in. For example, a mother who is very involved in musical theatre may want her children to take voice lessons and dance. Her dream may be to see the children on the stage, or to watch her son perform the lead in a school play. A former band member parent may hope that his or her child will pick up the guitar, drums, or bass and become a protégé at the instrument of his or her choice.

In contrast, an athletic parent may have dreams of watching the children score a goal in soccer, a basket in basketball, or a field goal in football. Spouses commonly have different desires for their children. Unfortunately, when co-parenting spouses feud about these hobbies, it can be difficult to work things out. When the children are too young to choose hobbies for themselves, they will normally attend any class or practice that they are signed for. These activities should be selected carefully.

If you and your spouse can't reach a resolution, then you will want a lawyer to come assist you in your case. At Claery & Hammond, a Los Angeles family lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and help you to find court relief or use a letter to express your concerns. The court may then demand mediation, or may come to a resolution to the argument that can help you and your ex to work together harmoniously to raise the children in a healthy and happy environment. Get these arguments worked out in the summer before schools starts with all of the extra-curricular activities. Hire an attorney at Claery & Hammond right away to help you with your case and assist you with your choices for your children.