Is your Income Dropping? File a Retro Order!

If you are paying your ex-spouse child support and spousal support, but your own income is dripping due to budget cuts or business loss at the office, then you will want to notify the courts. Spousal support and child support are establishments that are meant to facilitate the comfort of the family.

As the paying spouse, if this expense becomes an extreme discomfort to you, the court may discontinue the obligation. When your income continues to drop, the spousal support and child support payments that you used to make may become too expensive. The court established the amounts that you pay based on your previous income.

You will be required to consistently pay the amount of support decided upon until you let the court know that the expense has become difficult and inconvenient. You will want to hire a Los Angeles divorce attorney to help you achieve the retro order that you need. A retro order is a court order which will reverse the spousal support requirements that you are currently bound to. Sometimes a retro order will only go back to the time that you file. This means that from the time that you filed for a modification to the time that the case was decided, you may be reimbursed for any spousal support or child support that you had to pay.

These situations are often taken on a case by case basis, so you will want a lawyer there to assist you in your case. With the right attorney on your side, you will be able to prove that your dwindling income is cause for a modification. Claery & Hammond are here to facilitate all of your family law needs. You want a seasoned professional there to take on your case when things get tough, so rely on these hardworking lawyers today!