Research your Child's School Before the School Year Starts!

Summer is in full swing, and in less than one month the children will all be back in school. At that point, they will be involved in extra-curricular activities, will listen to teachers, and will be exposed to all sorts of new and educational pursuits. As a non-custodial spouse or a co-parent, you have the right to know where your children are attending school and what sorts of religious systems or theories they will be exposed to.

Fall is fast-approaching, and at Claery & Hammond we suggest researching your child's school for next year before he or she actually attends. If your ex-spouse chose the school, you will want to research and make sure that the establishment is to your liking before you blindly allow your children to visit there every day.

You have the ability to research all the teachers that you or child will be with, all extracurricular professionals, all coaches and more. Even if you are the non-custodial spouse, you still deserve to always be in the loop. If in your research you find something that concerns you, such as a teacher that has a history of sexual abuse or teaches the children a religion that you don't agree with, then you need to contact a lawyer to take action.

A Los Angeles family attorney may be able to assist you in your case and help you work through the concerns that you have. A lawyer can wither write a letter to the court or write an emergency order prompting the court to get involved. Also, a lawyer can file a modification request. Don't hesitate to get an attorney involved today if you are uncomfortable with the way that your child is being raised. Taking action now may benefit your child for the rest of his or her life.