Co-Parenting and the "Back to School Blues"

August is coming to a mid-point, which means that thousands of children will be heading back tyo school for another year in a new grade. While some children get excited about the prospect of a new school year, the majority of youth do not share in that excitement. Many children get what has been termed the "back to school blues" at the close of the summer.

Children who are co-parented by divorced moms and dads will need a morale boost when it comes time to head back to the classroom. Kids of divorce need unity from their parents to help them be excited about the year ahead. Parents should work hard to highlight the fun, exciting things ahead in the new school year including experiencing a new grade, sports, and other exciting offerings.

Parents will need to share the excitement of their child's return in order to help their young one beat the depression that can settle in at the start of a new year. For children starting a new year as a junior higher, high school student, or even starting kindergarten, supportive parents can help to diffuse the nervousness. Unity will help children to feel comforted and confident as they step into a new year of education.

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