Dealing with Paramour Purchases in Divorce

In some divorce situations, spouses later discover that their ex used collective funds to make massive purchases. Sometimes an ex –spouse may use joint funds to purchase another home, another car, or pay for hotels and gifts for his or her secret lover.

This can be devastating for a marriage, and can cause the wronged spouse to seek compensation. If your spouse cheated on you and used your money to fund the affair, then you may be able to receive court ordered reimbursement.

Unfortunately, California is not an at-fault divorce state. This means that if your spouse cheated on you, you cannot gain spousal support or alimony sold based on your ex's moral choices. Still you may be able to gain reimbursement for specific purchases that your spouse made without your knowledge. The court will have to order this reimbursement specifically.

Most often, the court will need proof that all purchases were secret, and that the purchases didn't benefit the community. This means that the purchases can't benefit both the husband and the wife of the marriage as a unit.

You can discuss paramour purchases with a Los Angeles divorce attorney and discover whether or not they will benefit you as you go into your divorce negotiations. Don't hesitate to contact an attorney today for more information or to talk about the prospect of alimony or spousal support.

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