Dealing with School Enrollment Issues and Divorce

If your ex secretly enrolled your child in a school that starts mid-August, you may be worried about how to deal with the situation. Whenever your ex-spouse makes a child custody decision without informing you, and you have custodial rights to the children, you need to get a lawyer involved.

Your ex-spouse may be violating your rights to the children or trying to use illegal and deceptive practices to get more time with the kids. Naturally, you won't want your child to start at one school and then have to switch back to another one because of a difficulty. This can be tough for the child and the parents alike.

That's why you will want a professional there to help you with your case. You can contact a lawyer at the firm today if you want more information. At Claery & Hammond, you can get a Los Angeles family lawyer from the firm on your side to negotiate with you and your ex and determine who was at fault.

Then, a lawyer from our firm can go to court with your case, petitioning for an order that will restore justice within your co-parenting relationship. Don't hesitate to contact the firm immediately, as school issues are time sensitive. You may want to pull your child out of school immediately if you think that you are going to end up moving the child to a different educational institution closer to your home.

You won't want your child to get adjusted to the routine and friends at a new school only to be removed shortly after. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to work through arguments promptly and start working on a solution to this complicated situation. Hire a Claery & Hammond lawyer today!