Can Work Perks/Add Backs Compensate for Spousal Support?

If your spouse's work pays for some of his or her expenses, and you are paying spousal support, you may be able t5o factor those perks in in order to reduce the amount that you are paying out as the paying spouse. For example, when you organized your spousal support payments your ex-spouse may have said that he or she had a cell phone bill, and entertainment budget, or a car lease.

Now, you may discover that your spouse's work covers these costs. Some companies will provide special benefits to their employees to keep them happy and secure their loyalty. Some companies will provide company cars, and others may pay for a cell phone. When the company is covering these costs, you shouldn't have to factor them into your spousal support payments.

If you have encountered an issue of this nature, then you will want to seek court relief. You should not reduce your spousal support payments without the court intervention, as your ex may be able to sue you for this decision. Instead, you will want to contact a Los Angeles divorce lawyer and go about this in a professional and legal way.

At Claery & Hammond, we suggest that you ask for the relief in court and present evidence that your ex-spouse's expenses are covered by his or her employer. If you can argue your case effectively, then the court may grant a modification. You will want to make sure to talk to a professional early on and even discuss the situation with your ex-spouse if possible. Chances are that your ex-spouse will not willingly allow for a smaller spousal support payment, so you will need a convincing attorney there to help you negotiate. Call our office to discuss a spousal support issue today!