When an Ex Brings Dates to the Home

After divorce, parents often go back onto the dating scene and start meeting more and more individuals. Sometimes, if a date goes well, the parent may want to bring his or her dates back to the home. In this technological age, many parents choose to date online, and then bring these dates over to the house. While it is great for parents to get out and start meeting new people, bringing a stranger into a home where the children are present can be very dangerous. Many sexual predators lurk online, looking for single parents with children. In some cases, this can put the children in extreme danger.

As a parent, you can never be too protective. If your ex-spouse is bringing strangers over to the home while the children are present, you should consult an attorney to decide what to do. The best option is to seek court relief right away and ask for child custody and visitation changes. It may be wise to request monitored visits. You can also discuss drafting a special order with the court. You will want to explain why your ex-spouse's dates pose a danger and then petition for a special order that bans your ex from brining these strangers into the home.

The court will typically act in the best interests of the children, so if you can show that your ex poses a danger to them then the court will probably take action on your behalf. In addition to the dangers of online dates, the children may be extremely confused as the meet new people on a regular basis. In order to provide stability, it is best to petition at an ex-spouse keep dates out of the home when children are present. Get more information about this issue by talking with Claery & Hammond today!