What is Relief Request?

If you are in the midst of a divorce, then you may need to ask for a relief request as a part of the process. This is a petition that gives the filer certain rights regarding the children in the marriage child support matters and a couple’s assets. This is a common occurrence in divorces and it is typically made by the wife in the divorce. In order to file a relief request, a couple will need to be in the midst of a divorce. One of the parties in the divorce will need to request specific types of relief that he or she well receive until the divorce is finial.

If a spouse doesn’t request certain types of relief when the divorce case begins, then the court may deny those requests later. Requests that are asked later on in the process are often thought of as afterthoughts, and therefore the court is hesitant to grant the requesting party the wishes that he or she has expressed. Relief requests are an excellent way for a spouse to continue his or her life without having conditions chance drastically, so it is worth filing if you are hoping to keep your life from changing too much after the split.

There are different types of relief that a spouse can request at the outset of a divorce. Typically, the relief has to do with the children. A spouse will ask for custody of the children throughout the divorce period, which is a type of relief. A spouse may so ask for child support, insurance coverage, a payment of legal fees and more. As well, a spouse may want possession of the house or prevention of the other spouse selling marital assets as the divorce battle continues. Normally, relief issues are handled during the preliminary hearing at a divorce If you need more information, and then contact a Los Angles family lawyer to discuss your options!