A Little Bit More About Simplified Divorce

Simplified divorce is a process that is typically reserved for couples who have not been married for an extensive amount of time. The longer that a couple has been together, the more shared property they have accumulated. Also, couples who have remained together for many years may have children, may co-own business, may have made investments together and so on. Couples that recently tied the knot and then regretted their decision may not have all of these factors, and therefore can get a simplified divorce that will take less time and money.

Normally, in a simplified divorce, the parties will want to hire divorce attorneys to work on their side. They will then work through their case and divide what little property that they have. Simplified divorces most often don't involve any child custody issues. When a simplified divorce is done correctly, it will only take about 30 days from start to finish. One requirement for this simplified divorce is that the couple must file under a no-fault divorce category.

This means that if one spouse wants to attribute blame to the other, they cannot use this process. Also, the couple must agree that they have no conflicts that will need to be litigated over in court. Even though divorce is disappointing and hurtful, spouses will need to be amicable throughout the process and able to negotiate and discuss with their ex-partners when there is a need to do so. A compassionate Los Angeles family lawyer at Claery & Hammond can help you if you are working through your case right now and want assistance in the process. The lawyers at the firm can serve as mediators and peacemakers throughout your process, helping to make sure that conflict doesn't escalate and disqualify you from a simplified divorce. Contact the firm immediately!