A Look at Limited Divorce

Are you unable to reach a divorce settlement with your spouse? If you are in a heated battle and continue to volley different settlements back and forth with no hope of a middle ground, then you may need to explore the option of limited divorce. This is a divorce arrangement specifically designed for couples that cannot reach an agreement upon certain conditions for an official divorce but still want to be legally separated.

The couples that file for limited divorce are given work through their various arguments and issues, such as any debates about custody or property division. This will happen before they are officially separated and considered single once again. Normally in a limited divorce, the court will grant the couples a legal separation as they work through the divorce settlement. During this legal separation they are required to live separately from one another, and are not allowed to have sexual relationships. Typically, children will be given to one parent with temporary custody until more permanent arrangements can be made. Learn more with the help of a Los Angeles family lawyer at the firm!