New Gay Marriage Laws Being Used for Other Purposes

Recently, the Supreme Court struck down part of an anti-gay marriage law that made it impossible for same-sex couples to receive federal benefits even if they were married in a state that accepted homosexual marriage. Now, the Supreme Court has declared that in locations where gay marriage is permissible, the couples will receive the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples in those locations.

Justice Anthony Kennedy explained that the DOMA ruling only applies to legally married same-sex couples that are seeking benefits from the federal government. Yet lawyers all over the United States are already interpreting the language in the new laws to show other reasonings about the right to marry. Many judges are using the language of DOMA to try and advocate for public and national acceptance of homosexual marriage so that it would become a federally accepted practice.

So far, 13 states either accept gay marriage or will soon accept it. In Nevada, Hawaii and Michigan, there are federal challenges that have popped up in recent days. So far, California is the only state to admit that a ban on same-sex marriage is actually an unconstitutional thing. Now, a court in San Francisco will consider the bans in Nevada and Hawaii to see if they are fair. As more and more changes for the gay community, it is important for LGBT individuals to have a lawyer on hand to help them meet any challenges that they encounter.

LGBT couples often have a tough time when going through a divorce, trying to negotiate through the many laws that are only for homosexual couples. Also, homosexuals can have a difficult time adopting, or may have a hard time enforcing their custody rights in the event of a separation. Those in a domestic partnership often have a hard time with their property division or any other living arrangements.

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