Rearranging Custody Schedules to Account for Summer Camps

Are your children attending a summer camp on their own this year? Does that summer camp fall in your custody time? If you have a shared custody agreement with your ex-spouse, or even have partial custody of the children during the holidays, summertime, and weekends, you need to make sure you are getting the full amount of time that you are allowed.

If your ex-spouse signs the children up to attend a summer camp, this could cut into your time with the kids. Summer camps can last anywhere from a few days to a month, so you will want to research the length of the camp and decide what to do. If you are heavily opposed to losing time with the children, you may be able to take the case to court and eventually remove the kids from the camp.

If you still want your children to enjoy summer camp, then you may still be able to go to court and rearrange your custody schedules to account for the few weeks that neither parent will be able to spend time with the children. With a Los Angeles divorce attorney on your side, you can present the issue and show how you are not getting your maximum amount of time with the children because of the camp. The judge may reapportion custody time for the next month so that the week will be made up for.

If your ex contests the rearrangement, then you may need to have multiple discussions in court or hire a mediator to help you work through the problem. Don't hesitate to call Claery & Hammond today to meet any of your family law needs or to help you work through after-divorce disputes that may pop up.