Important Questions for Dads to Ask Divorce Lawyers

If you are currently searching for a divorce attorney to assist you in your case, you will want to come to your first consultation prepared. At Claery & Hammond, the attorneys offer a complimentary consultation to all prospective clients so that they can learn more about the case and how they can help. An attorney at Claery & Hammond can help you to learn what type of divorce you should file and whether or not you need mediation or other professionals to get involved in order to help the case run smoothly. As a father and former husband, you will want an attorney who is going to work on your side and do all that he or she can to get you the results of the divorce that you are hoping for.

According to The Huffington Post, it is important that all men ask divorce lawyers a few specific questions as they decide whether or not to work with this specific attorney. One of the most important questions to ask is whether or not the attorneys focus exclusively on divorce and family law cases and whether or not the firm works with father's rights and men's rights. At Claery & Hammond, the firm is focused on assisting every client with family law and divorce cases.

Also, you should ask your divorce lawyer if he or she has practiced in the county where the case will take place. Ask what the firm will do in terms of strategy and tactics to help you achieve the goals you desire. Also, inquire as to how your attorney feels about going to trial in a divorce case. Ask about your attorneys general philosophy or approach when representing men in divorce cases. If you want more information about Los Angeles divorce attorneys then meet with a lawyer at Claery & Hammond and get started on your case or conduct this necessary interview today!