Considering Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an easier way to settle divorce cases. If you are planning to split from your spouse, a collaborative divorce can make the process smoother while keeping your children out of the court room and keeping tension at a minimum.

Collaborative divorce allows the kids to stay out of the arguments because most of the decisions aren't going to be made in the court. In a collaborative divorce, a couple agrees that their marriage is no longer working. They sit down together and hash out property division plan, a child custody plan, a visitation schedule, and all other necessary arrangements.

Couples who aren't able to make decisions using collaborative divorce will be forced to battle over their preferences for the divorce in court. Emotions will run high and frustrations will be evident. Also, in a contentious divorce the judge has the power to dictate the terms. This can be irritating, as a judge does not know you personally and therefore cannot make the best decisions for your family. If you want to learn more about collaborative divorce, talk with aLos Angeles divorce lawyer at Claery & Hammond today!