Three Methods of Enforcing Child Support

If your ex-spouse won't pay child support, then you may want to get the courts involved. If your ex is under an obligation to pay child support, then he or she must do so faithfully. Maybe your spouse lost his or her job or experienced a reduction in income because of illness or injury. In these situations, you may want to negotiate with your spouse and patiently await the payments. However, if your ex has ceased to pay you merely out of spite, then you should definitely pursue the matter. If your ex-spouse won't pay support, you have several paths you can choose to enforce the agreement.

First, many times when a former spouse cannot afford to make support payments, the parents will enter into a private agreement. A private agreement can suspend or reduce the amount of child support or adjust the frequency of the payments until your ex is able to get back on his or her feet. If you do create one of these private agreements, it is important that you remind your ex that you will take the matter to court if he or she does not resume making payments as required under the new agreement. It is a good idea to have your family law attorney draft the agreement and make sure that you are enforcing a legal and court-backed plan. A skilled Los Angeles family lawyer can help you to craft a creative and helpful private agreement.

If a private agreement isn't helpful in your case, then you may want to try mediation. A compassionate mediator may be able to patiently explain the situation and help you to resolve your issues. Mediation is less adversarial than going to court, and may ultimately be a cheaper alternative. Mediation will also give you greater flexibility. Third, if mediation and private agreements both aren't satisfactory choices, you have the right to go to court. You can take up a contempt proceeding. In court, a judge will help you figure out the most effective way to enforce child support and may even mandate wage garnishment for reluctant and stingy spouses. Call the firm today to learn more and get a family lawyer in Los Angeles on your side.