Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

If you intend to co-parent with a spouse after divorce, you will want to mentally prepare for what could be a difficult journey. Even if you are amicable with your spouse, you will be spending extensive time with him or her making very important decisions about your child's future. The first key for successful co-parenting is to always put the children first.

If you and your spouse get caught up with achieving your own desires in the parenting arrangement, you will most likely end up frustrated and irritated. The children will also be irritated, and your arrangement may be ineffective. Instead, we suggest that you always make sure that your child's interests are the top priority and unite around this common goal.

Also, it is helpful to make your co-parenting arrangement "official" with a court-order. This can help to state your parenting plan in writing. Also, if one spouse fails to follow through on his or her end of the parenting plan, a court order can hold that individual accountable. Violating a court ordered parenting plan can result in criminal or civil penalties.

Co-parenting will be easier if you live near the co-parent. Long travel distances can make co-parenting difficult, and will be particularly hard on the children. Also, it is essential that you communicate with your ex-spouse if you are going to make decisions together about the children's well-being. Be willing to sit down and talk things out if you want to ensure fair parenting plans.

If you run into complications with co-parenting, the Los Angeles family attorneys at Claery & Hammond can help. We are a professional team that is focused on getting results. Don't hesitate to contact us today if you want to get a court-order regarding your co-parenting plan or are seeking to alter your parenting plan.