Common Divorce Indicators

Is my marriage in trouble?

While it does occasionally happen, divorce does not typically blindside one spouse completely. In general, there are warning signs that indicate to the other that the marriage may be waning. Ignoring these signs and getting comfortable with the status quo is one of the biggest mistakes a couple can make in their relationship.

There are a few common indicators that signal a marriage is in trouble, such as:

  • No longer having anything in common
  • Only spending time together for events and routine duties
  • Constant criticism of regular tasks
  • Withholding information that others are aware of
  • Drastic change in personal appearance
  • Engaging in distractions to avoid involvement in the marriage
  • Arguing over the same subjects over and over instead of resolving them
  • Decline in physical connection and intimacy

If you have noticed that any of these have played a part in your relationship with a spouse, then you may want to consider speaking with your spouse and a marriage counselor. If this has failed, consult with a divorce attorney about some of the options you may have for a separation or even filing for divorce.

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