Keeping Your Divorce Private

Besides everything else you may be experiencing as you go through a divorce, one of the unexpected pitfalls is when your personal information becomes public record. In high profile divorces, this sensitive information can have a number of unintended consequences if it is revealed.

Privacy Involves Strategic Planning

Some states only grant the access of documents to litigants and their counsel, but anything that is said in a courtroom is a matter of public knowledge. Sometimes, the biggest privacy concerns can come from those within the marriage themselves. In many instances, one spouse will leak information about the other in order to get an upper hand in the divorce process. When celebrity divorces are involved, the press will stop at nothing to gather salacious details of the couple's personal life and financial information.

Many high-profile celebrity divorces are settled outside of the court rather than going to trial. This can be important for maintaining privacy and restricting family details from being leaked to the public. In addition, some clients may be able to hire a private judge to make a confidential ruling. If this option is chosen, pleadings must be filed at a public courthouse.

Understanding the law and jurisdictions surrounding divorce can help you take the necessary steps to shield information from the public in the process. Working with a divorce attorney that is sensitive to your need for privacy can also benefit you. The legal team at Claery & Hammond know of the ways that California law compensates for privacy and how these can be applied. Call our firm today to learn what we can do for you!