What You Should Know About Your Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a relatively common occurrence affecting nearly half of all marriages. With such numbers, it can only be expected that divorce attorneys have seen a wide range of cases, from the mundane to the extreme. No matter what your individual case, there are some things that anyone seeking a divorce should know before they meet with a lawyer about their case.

Make Sure You Know This About Your Attorney

There are many things you can unknowingly do that make your divorce more difficult. This may not only affect you and your family, but also the lawyer you choose as well.

For the quickest and most painless divorce, know these three things:

  1. Take the time before any meeting to prepare proper documentation. This can be especially important in the initial stages when your attorney is trying to develop their case. By having your attorney sort through a mess of incomplete and unorganized documents, you are losing both time and money.
  2. Your lawyer is there to handle the legal sides of the divorce, not act as a therapist. If you are constantly calling your lawyer to vent about your spouse or are wasting their time when they need to be handing the legal side of the case, it increases the amount you pay for a divorce and makes an attorney hesitate to work on your behalf.
  3. You still have to pay your divorce lawyer. Just like any other bill that must be paid, your legal bill is one that must be paid on time and in full. If the attorney you want charges too much to be paid back in a timely manner, consider another lawyer.

A lawyer must do a lot of work in order to get you the results you need from your divorce. Taking a moment to recognize all that they do and how you can help make the process easier will likely save you money in legal fees and make the divorce process less of a challenge for you.