Celebrating Divorce Is a New Hot Business

Divorce is increasingly being seen as less shameful and more liberating. With the rise in acceptance that accompanies this new life milestone comes the rise new celebrations for the end of a marriage with. One of the ways people are expressing this celebration is through so-called divorce parties. In fact, divorce parties are becoming one of the newest trends to come out of the popularization of divorce in the United States.

Parties & Cakes to Celebrate the End of Marriage

Many are familiar with the events that precede a marriage celebrating the end of a single life. From crazy bachelor to momentous bachelorette parties. However, less are familiar with the end of marriage parties that are starting to gain traction. Divorce parties are slated to become a multi-billion dollar industry, with typical party packages ranging from $1,000 to $4,800.

If throwing a party seems a little extreme, divorce cakes are another industry on the rise. One bakery in Florida says they make four divorce cakes a month, most often with the theme of taking one of spouse to the trash. These cakes run about $70, and are one way to make the sourness left in someone's mouth following a split taste a little sweeter.

The rise of celebrations of divorce may seem a little concerning, but psychologists note that it is a uniquely human tendency to acknowledge losses through ritual. It gives one person a release from their relationship and allows them to feel closure moving forward in their life.

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