Inspecting Insurance After Divorce

After you conclude your divorce, there are several different accounts that you will want to inspect. Insurances may include your spouse, or may be designated to go to your ex-spouse after you pass on. If you want to prevent this from happening, you will want to take a close look at your policies and alter them as necessary.

One insurance policy that you will want to look at is car insurance. Many couples own two or more cars, but once they divorce they will only have one vehicle. This will normally reduce the premium. If your ex-spouse is on a shared insurance plan with you, he or she will need to inform the insurance provider about the divorce. It may be easier for you to just get a separate insurance plan.

You will also want to revisit your life insurance policy and determine whether or not you want to designate another insurance policy. Normally, the dependent on the life insurance policy is listed as a spouse. When you divorce your spouse, you will want to get a new beneficiary listed on the life insurance policy unless you want your spouse to inherit this money.

Also, inspect your homeowner's or renter's insurance. You and your spouse may want to divide the costs of homeowner's insurance, or you may want to transfer the policy solely to the homeowner. Finally, you will want to look at health insurance. This can often be difficult in divorce, because one spouse may provide health insurance for both parties through his or her job.

In some situations, an ex-spouse can remain on the policy, or he or she may need to request insurance from the state temporarily while looking for a job. If you want more information about divorce and insurances, call a Los Angeles divorce attorney at Claery & Hammond. A skilled attorney at the firm can assist you in arranging all insurance appropriately.