Trial Separation Can Help You Make a Decision!

If you are pondering divorce, but have not yet committed to filing, then you may want to consider a trial separation. A trial separation is an informal arrangement where you and your spouse separate to see what life is like without each other. If you and your spouse recently got into a fight, then it may be smart to enter a trial separation to see if you can resolve things after a period of time. If you believe that the marriage is irretrievably broken at the end of the trial separation, then you can move forward with your divorce with full confidence that you are doing the right thing.

A trial separation does not typically include a written agreement. While individuals can file for a legal separation, trial separations normally don't get the courts involved. If you and your spouse need assistance deciding where the kids will stay during the trial separation or who will remain in the home and who will move out, then you may want to talk with a skilled Los Angeles divorce lawyer. At Claery & Hammond, we understand that divorce is a massive decision. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to successfully facilitate a divorce and rest in the peace of mind that you did exactly what was best for your well-being.

The caring lawyers at Claery & Hammond can walk you through the separation or divorce process and help you to resolve any complications that you encounter with your spouse during this trial separation and beyond. Call the firm today for more information about trial separations and divorce and to learn more about how a skilled Los Angeles family law team can help you to fight for your preferences during your family law case!