Do Children Get to Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With?

Many people assume that children that are of the age to decide get to choose which child they want to live with. Because of this, tensions to compete for a child's affection can run high during a divorce. A child may be bribed from both sides, with both parents looking to show the child why they would be the ideal parent.

It is true that the court will always choose which parent will get custody of the children based on the child's best interests. This does not necessarily mean that the child gets to choose. When children are young, the court is typically unmoved by the petitions of the child to be with a particular parent, as the child is not sure what Is in his or her best interests at the time.

The courts may consider the wishes of older children when deciding custody, but this is always evaluated with judicial discretion. For example, a teenager who wants to live with her dad because he will let her do whatever she wants will probably not be granted her request. Instead, the courts may choose the mother as the child's primary custodian because she is disciplinary and won't let the child run around unsupervised.

In other cases, the courts will evaluate the pleas of a child if they have a poor relationship with one parent. Still, the court will want to investigate the child's relationship with both parents. Oftentimes social workers get involved in these domestic disputes. If you want more information contact an attorney at the firm today! A Los Angeles divorce lawyer at Claery & Hammond can help you to fight for child custody in a divorce case. Read more about this on the blog today! With the right attorney on your side, you can trust that you are doing all that you can in your case. Don't hesitate to contact the firm right away and learn more!