The Legalities of Eloping

Many individuals choose to elope, which means that they run away to get married. Couples caught up in a rush of young love often surmise that running away to be wed is a quicker and more daring way to start their life together.

Normally, eloping involves getting married without parental permission. It is important to note that minors under the age of 18 cannot get married unless they have signed permission from parents or a court ruling that surpasses the need for parental permission.

There are no laws preventing any person from marrying another legal adult if both parties are over 18. In order to elope, you need only to choose a court house, fill out the appropriate paperwork and have the marriage license signed by a witness and officiate.

If you are under 18, check your state’s laws on marriage before you run off. Some states require that a person be at least 16 years old to get married without parental consent. Other states may allow an ineligible minor to receive a marriage license if the woman can prove that she is pregnant. Some states still require parental consent when pregnancy is a factor.

Teens that want to elope and are unable to get permission from their parents can seek emancipation. This is a court ruling which allows a teen to come out from under the authority of his or her parents and function in the U.S. as an adult. You can be emancipated by joining the armed forces or by seeking the court ruling.

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