Five Custody Myths that You Need to Know

If you are planning to divorce and are facing a contentious custody case as a part of the process, it is important that you know how to detect myths and navigate through your custody matter professionally. A Los Angeles divorce lawyer at Claery & Hammond may be able to assist you in securing custody of your children while helping you to detect the myths that often control this process.

First, it is not true that mothers always win custody. While in traditional marriages mothers often received custody of the children post-divorce, things have changed drastically. More women are sharing custody of the children with their fathers, or are acting as the primary breadwinner. While there are still cases when mothers are given primary custody, this is not the universal standard in divorce cases.

Second, taking antidepressants will not hurt your case. Many individuals believe that if the judge learns they are on medication, they will lose their opportunity to take care of their children. On the contrary, judges understand that parents maybe suffering from depression while divorcing. They understand that parents who treat their depression are making an effort, whereas individuals that refuse medication because they fear how the judge will perceive them may be ignoring a serious problem.

Third, it is not true that parents should attempt a co-custody plan without a schedule. Even if divorcees believe that they get along great, complications may arise. New situations such as after-school activities, vacations and trips, or a new stepparent can make a "no schedule" custody plan turn into a messy and complicated issue. It is important to have a written schedule that you can follow when issues arise. Judges will often encourage this schedule and an attorney can help you to create a schedule that facilitates your needs.

Also, if is important to remember that fighting for sole custody may not be your best option. Sometimes, a satisfactory co-custody agreement is better than fighting all out for sole custody, Compromise can be helpful for you and your children. If there is no option but to go to court over your custody case, you will want to hire a reliable Los Angeles divorce lawyer who can represent you as you face the judge and advocate for custody of your kids. If you and your spouse are not able to work together, then sole custody may be the only option, but we highly recommend exploring amicable co-custody choices first.

Lastly, one of the greatest child custody myths involves child support. Some parents believe that if their spouse doesn't pay child support as ordered, that he or she can withhold the children. The court treats child support and child custody as separate issues. If the other parent doesn't pay child support, you cannot withhold the children, Instead, you need to contact the court about your concern. Call Claery & Hammond to get more information about child custody plans in Los Angeles!