When Grandparents Get Divorced

If you are a grandparent that is planning to get a divorce, you may curious as to how this will affect your relationship with your adult children and their children. Admittedly, the court does not have a lot of jurisdiction in these areas. Once a child is a legal adult, the grandparents cannot claim custody or visitation rights.

If the children decide that they are not going to associate with grandparents after a divorce, and are not going to let their children associate with their grandparents, this is considered a personal decision.

Grandparent's rights during their own divorce are not the same as grandparent's rights when their children divorce. Oftentimes, adult children will arrange visitations on their own so that the grandparents can see the children. It can be very difficult to share a maturing family when grandparents divorce, as they may have tension and be unable to visit together.

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