Can You Be Fined for Failing to Respond to a Divorce Case?

Recently, a famed rapper Master P failed to respond to the divorce petition filed by his estranged wife. The famed rapper is allegedly worth more than $40 million, but gave none of that money to his wife when they separated. Now, she is seeking compensation from him for her and the four children that the couple raised together.

After the filing, the rapper failed to respond to the divorce petition. Instead, he simply ignored the court summons. He was fined $10,000 by a judge. Oftentimes, if you fail to respond to your divorce petition within 30 days, you will enter a default. This means that the terms in your spouse’s petition will be considered active, and the divorce will proceed based on those terms.

If your spouse does not enter a default, then you may still have time to respond with a counter-petition. You will want to talk with your attorney about this option before proceeding. It is always wisest to hire an accomplished divorce attorney in Los Angeles if you have been served with a divorce petition and are worried about how to proceed.

A trusted professional can guide you through the process, helping you to identify the wisest way to negotiate. Don’t hesitate to contact a divorce attorney in Los Angeles at Claery & Hammond right away if you are in this situation. Don’t delay, as responding past the 30 day time limit can be a serious issue that can cost you thousands of cause you to lose preference in the divorce case. You may be able to request an extension time for your response. You will want to talk with your attorney about this option and file with the court if it is necessary to do so. Call Claery & Hammond today to learn more!