Health Insurance Less of a Concern in New Divorces

Due to the Affordable Care Act, more and more Americans are obtaining health insurance through innovative new mediums. This makes it easier for unhappy married couples to divorce. According to many divorce attorneys, health care used to be a serious concern in any divorce. The couple would carefully work through all divorce implications and then determine whether or not they could divorce and still remain insured. Now, there are many health care insurance options on the market. Pre-existing conditions are no longer an issue.

This means that people who were once reluctant to divorce for fear of losing health insurance coverage would do well to reconsider. The Affordable Care Act has made it so that health insurance is no longer a reason to stay married. The ACA is diminishing the value of health care insurance as a negotiating tool in divorces. In the past, couples would sometimes arrange an agreement where one spouse got alimony or a percentage of assets in compensation for health insurance coverage. Yet now, with the Affordable Care Act, this is no longer a driving force in divorce. People now can ask for health insurance policies under the ACA.

If you are concerned about health insurance and how this will affect your divorce, a caring Los Angeles divorce lawyer at our firm can help you to investigate your health care options. You may be able to remain on your ex-spouse's health care insurance depending on the company and the nature of your divorce. If you cannot receive your spouse's health insurance, this is no reason to refrain from divorce. We can help you to explore other options and make sure that you get the sound divorce that you desire despite your health insurance roadblock. Call Claery & Hammond today to learn more!