Think Before Relocating Children

One parent may think that moving their children after a separation or divorce may be the best way to get a start on a new life. Before making a serious decision to relocate to another place with a child, there are some things any parent should think through, the least of which is whether or not the child's other parent will be okay with such a serious decision.

Ask These Questions Before Relocating

If both parents not are willing to allow the child to relocate, the court must determine whether or not the relocating parent has the right to move the child. The parent seeking to move must file an order with the court that must be approved before they can leave the city, state, or country.

Before making a move, please consider:

  • Is this move the best decision for the child? While moving may be what one parent wants, the child may not want to be farther away from their other parent or leave their school, family and friends behind.
  • What does the other parent think about the move? There may be instances where the other parent thinks that a move will be in the best interests of all involves and work with the other parent. A parenting plan and visitation schedule can be developed that fits their needs. Expenses paid for visitation may increase as well.
  • What is the plan for relocation? Examining whether relocation is in the family's best interest may be difficult, but will ultimately strengthen the case to the other parent or the court. If there are better educational and job opportunities, moving may be worth it. If the child is being removed from everything they know for no reason, it may not be the best choice.

If moving will be better for all involved, then it is worth exploring. Find out more about your options by contacting our firm today to discuss your relocation case.