How a Pet Can Help During Divorce

When thinking about divorce, a new family pet may not come to mind, but a pet can be an immense benefit to family members in the event of a divorce. Whether a former family pet or a new addition, having a pet can help establish a sense of stability and provide an emotional outlet for both children and adults.

Pets Provide Stability at an Unstable Time

Especially when children are involved, a pet can be a beneficial during the divorce process. As divorce can make a child feel unstable or at fault, caring for a pet can help maintain some stability in the situation.

There are many ways that pets benefit a family going through a divorce, such as:

  • Providing unconditional love at a time children may feel unstable
  • Being a friend and confidant to children when they need to feel heard
  • Forging a deep bond that allows a child to be secure
  • Reducing stress and increasing health benefits by walking with and talking to the pet
  • Developing a friendship that can ease the overall transition of divorce

Pets can further help put everything in a larger perspective. While there may be one frustrating thing that happened that day, knowing there are many beings that care and love a child can help them cope with the changing circumstances.

If there is no way for a pet to be incorporated into a home during a divorce, there are alternatives. Ask to visit loved ones with pets, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or visit a petting zoo.