What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Want a Divorce

When a person enters into a marriage, they likely do not think of what will happen if the marriage ends. Marriage can be great, especially when building a future with someone. While two people may enter a marriage with the same expectations about the future, it doesn't always go according to plan. When one person decides to end that relationship, the other partner may not feel the same.

Understanding is Key in Divorce

When one partner in the marriage does not feel the same way about getting a divorce, moving forward can be frustrating and can cause unintended confrontations throughout the rest of the divorce process. Further, it can make the divorce take more time and result in a greater emotional and financial toll.

If a spouse is dragging their feet about getting a divorce, you can:

  • Use a marriage counselor or divorce coach to work through issues within the marriage
  • Remain understanding of your spouse's feelings throughout the process
  • Speak candidly with your spouse about why you are seeking to end the relationship
  • Give your spouse some time to come to terms with this information
  • Be aware of all divorce options to proceed in the best way forward

When one spouse does not want to get a divorce, the initial reaction may be to hire a lawyer and take drastic actions right away. By keeping in mind that your spouse may not understand why you seek to end the marriage and has not had the opportunity to come to terms with this new arrangement, you can make sure you address the matter effectively.

If the relationship with a spouse does not continue in a positive manner after you have asked for a divorce, call the attorneys at Claery & Hammond before you move forward. We can help advise your next actions and make your divorce continue as smoothly as possible.