What Parents Can Do to Help Children During Divorce

Make the Transition Smoother for Children

It cannot be denied that the ones usually most affected by a divorce are the children that are wondering what is happening to their family. Parents should take extra care during this time to ensure that their children are handling the divorce well, and take the child to see a therapist if they begin to act out too much. By keeping three important things in mind, a parent will be able to ensure the mental well-being of their child during this difficult time.

  1. Give children space to process their emotions and deal with the changing family dynamic. Parents that smother their children may be overcompensating due to guilt of the situation, which can cause the child to feel like they are not able to act out in the ways they need to. Children should be able to have feelings on what is happening in their life without those being squashed by well-meaning parents
  2. Leave the children out of any problems that the parents may have with one another. Any complaints voiced about an ex can be taken personally by the children, since they love and care for the other parent as well. Instead, vent to an unrelated friend or counselor when the children are around.
  3. Pay attention to the children's behaviors to make sure they don't indicate a larger problem. Sometimes a child will act out because that is how they are dealing with their feelings, but other times this can mean there is a larger problem at hand. Let children deal with the divorce but monitor how they deal with it so appropriate action can be taken when needed.

Divorce can be difficult to navigate, but there is plenty of advice that can guide the process. Pay attention to your children as the family changes to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.